Wednesday, February 27, 2013

DIY Plastic Easter Egg Spring Bouquet

Plastic Easter eggs turned into a funky modern spring bouquet? Why not! There might still be snow on the ground, but I say its not too early to bring a little spring indoors with these!

Did you know most plastic eggs come with two little holes in the bottom? That opens up the crafting possibilities! You can string them into a garland, wrap a stem through them, etc. I had seen this bouquet made from plastic Easter eggs on Pinterest, but I thought I could take the idea one step further. A little floral wire and crepe paper give an organic shape to the bouquet and more realistic flowers. I think they look like tulips before they fully open up - what do you think?

I bet you have some old plastic eggs stored away from years past. Why not transform them into a bouquet to last you through the spring? This is a super simple project that you can do under an hour. Here's what you need:

Spring Bouquet Supplies

  • Plastic Easter eggs - I found these cool metallic ones at Joann Crafts, however the traditional pastel eggs would work well too
  • Florist foam
  • 22 gauge floral wire 
  • Floral tape
  • Green crepe paper (double sided crepe paper preferred - you can purchase it from Castle in the Air)
  • Scissors
I had most of the floral craft supplies left over from my crepe paper roses (have you seen them? They are by far the most popular craft on this blog so check them out!) However, if you don't have these supplies you can purchase them all for under $10 combined.

How To Make Spring Bouquet

1. Take a piece of your floral wire and wrap it through the holes in the bottom of the plastic egg (thread it up through one hole and down through the other). Make sure to thread it through the wider / rounder side of the egg if you want the tulip look.

2. Once you have looped the wire through both holes wrap it around itself a few times:

3. Use the floral tape to cover up the wrapped wire.

4. Cut some long leaf shapes from the crepe paper (I just cut out some rough shapes freehand that I thought looked like tulip leaves!)

5. Take a leaf and wrap it around the stem and then affix it by wrapping your floral tape tightly around it:

6. Add 1-2 leaves per stem and you've made an egg flower! Repeat with the rest of the Easter eggs until you have enough for a bouquet. 

7. Place some floral foam in the bottom of your vase and stick the stems into the foam to hold them in place. Bend the stems and flowers to make them look like a natural bouquet.

Super easy project - under $10 and under an hour! 

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