Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Thrifty DIY: Floral Easter Baskets

From what I can tell, Easter baskets fall into 3 categories, the inexpensive woven pastel ones that dominate the store aisles, the plastic tubs with characters like Dora and Sponge Bob, and the expensive fabric lined and monogramed ones from the likes of Pottery Barn.  

I've got a new option for you today that can't be beat! You can whip up one of these floral baskets in minutes for a few dollars using a basket from the Goodwill, silk flowers from the dollar store, and your trusty glue gun. What little girl wouldn't love this for her Easter basket?

For these baskets, I repurposed the flowers from my floral hearts I made for Valentine's Day (I always love opportunities to recycle my craft supplies!). You can find bunches of these pretty flowers for a $1 a piece at Dollar Tree. I finished off the basket with some pom-pom ribbon and a pretty bow.

I made a basket for each of my daughters. Pink for Stella and purple for Hazel. ;)

This is a 15 minute craft - my favorite type of project! Here's all you'll need.

Supplies for Floral Easter Baskets

  • Woven basket with handle
  • Silk flowers
  • Ribbon or pom-pom trim
  • Glue gun
  • Wire cutters (not shown)

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Yarn Embroidered Desk Accessories with The Container Store

My office / craft room is my favorite 100 square feet in our home. Every time I step into it, no matter how messy it is, it makes me smile because it reflects all the things I love! From the pom-pom shadow boxes, to the pipe cleaner heart garlands, I've decorated with some of my favorite crafts. So when the The Container Store asked me along with a few of my favorite bloggers to dress up our desks for spring, I knew I wanted to make something that was very Design Improvised! 

These yarn embroidered desk accessories are just that! Remember these baskets I embroidered with yarn last summer? Just like the baskets, these mesh desk accessories with their hundreds of little holes were calling out to me for a yarn makeover! 

I made a little desk set complete with a pencil cup (only $1.99!), magazine file, and wastebasket.  For each one I played around with some different types of stitches. 

These little sunbursts might be my favorite! So easy and happy looking.

For the wastebasket, I made a simple zigzag pattern with three different colors of yarn.

You can have fun playing around with different colors and thicknesses of yarn. For the stitches, I didn't follow any guides, I just experimented and I recommend you do the same!

Supplies for Yarn Embroidered Desk Accessories

Read on for some tips for making your own and to see how my dressed up desk turned out!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Outdoor Patio Reveal with Hayneedle.com!

Spring has finally arrived in Texas and you can expect to find me here for a good portion of it - drink and magazine in hand! I recently partnered with hayneedle.com on a patio design project and had the opportunity to revamp our patio with a few of their new pieces for 2015 like this egg chair. I mean how fun is this? It's the new star of our patio! 

This little space overlooking our backyard has been a frequent hangout spot since we moved in 2 years ago. It is one of my favorite places to enjoy a cup of coffee and hide out for a few minutes while my girls watch Curious George in the morning. :) While it was a nice space, it was a little ho-hum. You can see the "before" picture on the hayneedle blog

However the addition of the egg chair and this bright graphic rug have transformed the space. It is now such a pretty view from inside the house and it feels like a room of its own.

I incorporated a couple other pieces to make the space feel cozy. This outdoor serving cart is my new favorite multi-purpose piece. In fact, you may recognize it from my flower potting party post! If I have a friend over, I can use it to hold a few drinks and snacks, and in between it can display some pretty potted plants on the balcony. 

These lanterns are the best because they come with three built-in LED candles and work on a timer which is key. Every night they turn on around 7pm and add a nice glow to the patio that I can see from inside the house. I love that I don't have to remember to turn them on and the batteries last longer when they're on a timer.

Head over to the Hayneedle blog to see more before and after photos of the space, as well as my 7 tips for sprucing up your own outdoor space for spring! Interested in any of these pieces? Check out my style board to shop the look.

This post is sponsored by hayneedle.com. All content and opinions are my own. Photos by Candice Stringham.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Easter Egg Week: Neon Sticker Eggs

It's been a fun week - full of EGGS! We're wrapping up Easter Egg Week with an easy peasy egg idea involving… office supply stickers!

Yep, all you need to add a modern neon touch to some plain white eggs are a package of small color coding dots you can find at your local office supply store (or Hobby Lobby for that matter - that's where I found these!)

For me, the simpler the project the better and just like yesterday's Lace Eggs, these eggs are as simple as peel and stick. I used faux dyeable eggs that last forever, but you can use plain hardboiled eggs too!

Supplies for Neon Sticker Eggs

  • Dyeable craft eggs or hardboiled eggs
  • Color coding stickers

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Easter Egg Week: Ribbon Eggs

These ribbon eggs for Day 4 of Easter Egg Week are so simple to make they barely need a tutorial! These are literally peel and stick thanks to some cool adhesive trim I found in the dollar bins at Michaels (they're right in front of the checkout!). This is another simple project that would be great to do with small children and avoid the often messy process of dyeing eggs.

And unlike my egg ideas the last few days, I'm using REAL eggs this time! I thought it would be fun to try something with hardboiled brown eggs. No need to dye them - their natural brown color is already beautiful, and pairs really nicely with the pastel trim. I had initially tried these with white eggs and it just didn't have the same effect.

Supplies for Ribbon Eggs

  • Hardboiled brown eggs
  • Adhesive ribbon trim from Michaels (look for them in the dollar bins in front of the checkout - they are only $1.50 a sheet!)
    • Note: if you can't find adhesive trim, you can always use regular ribbon, ric rac, etc. with a touch of hot glue!
  • Scissors

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