Sunday, October 14, 2018

Pumpkin Week: Pipe Cleaner Pumpkins

Pipe cleaners and pumpkins make the perfect match for a fun Halloween pumpkin decorating idea! #pumpkinideas #pipecleaners #pipecleanercrafts #halloweencrafts

We made it to the final day of Pumpkin Week! I hope you've had fun following along and found an idea you want to try - you can see all my pumpkin ideas at the end of this post. To wrap things up, we're going with a tried and true supply, the classic pipe cleaner (or chenille stem, or fuzzy stick, or whatever fancy term you prefer to call them). Turns out, pipe cleaners and pumpkins were meant to be together!

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Pumpkin Week: Sand Art Pumpkins

Create sand art pumpkins for a unique fall pumpkin decorating idea! #pumpkindecorating #sandart #pumpkincrafts #fallcrafts

The idea for Day 4 of Pumpkin Week is pretty out there. Just when you thought I had gone crazy with cupcake liners, I decided to throw sand on my pumpkins! ;) These sand art pumpkins are my latest attempt to relive my childhood love of making sand art. My sister and I used to spend our summers making bottles and bottles of colored layered sand (actually we used table salt and food coloring, but same idea) on our grandparents' back porch. In my adult life, I've used sand to make fall terrariums, modern framed art, and even Valentine cards. If you also have fond childhood memories of making sand art, these pumpkins are for you!

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Pumpkin Week: Cupcake Liner Pumpkins

Cover a pumpkin with cupcake liners for a fun pumpkin decorating idea! #cupcakewrappercrafts #cupcakelinercrafts #pumpkinideas

I hope you all are enjoying Pumpkin Week so far - welcome to Day 3! My craft room has been turned upside down as I search high and low for different materials to slap on a pumpkin! The floor is covered with pom-poms, pipe cleaners, feathers, stickers, spiders, and now... cupcake liners. Yep, for today's idea we are flattening cupcake liners and putting them on pumpkins. What do you think?

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