Friday, April 24, 2015

Chalkboard Balloons!

I'm so excited about my latest balloon project. It's a balloon..that looks like a chalkboard! And it's something you can make by yourself with just a Martha Stewart stencil and liquid chalk pen.

These would make for really fun party or wedding decor - why use a chalkboard sign to welcome guests or direct them to the menu, when you can use a balloon? So much more fun!

The Martha Stewart stencil set I used includes words like "celebrate", "love", "congrats", "welcome", and "menu". But you can also get their chalkboard alphabet letters to make any custom chalkboard balloon that you want! Here are the supplies I used:

Supplies for Chalkboard Balloons

  • Martha Stewart Phrases Chalkboard Silkscreens
  • Martha Stewart Erasable Liquid Chalk
  • Black helium grade balloons (I used 12" balloons)
  • Baker's twine or string

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Front Porch Makeover with

It's funny how our front porch - the first part of our home that guests see - is the part of the house that we've ignored the past 2 years! It has been looking pretty bare since the holidays and wasn’t necessarily a welcoming view from the street.

What a difference a few colorful planters and a cozy place to sit can make. Head to the blog for more photos and to see how it looked before the makeover!

I was surprised by how much functionality were were able to squeeze out of this small space. This blank wall is now a cozy seating area with the addition of a compact bench, some colorful outdoor pillows, and these amazing wall planters. How cool are these? I love how they create outdoor wall art, and you just add a little water to the top of the drip-free frame every few days.

On the opposite side of the door is another new seating area created by the addition of a rocking chair and garden stool - the perfect spot for a neighbor to stop by for a glass of ice tea! 

While we typically hang out in the backyard, our new patio has introduced a whole new hangout spot. It has been fun to sit out here and watch the neighborhood action and chat with neighbors we haven't seen in awhile!

Thanks to for partnering with me on another design project! You can shop the look on my Styleboard and check out all the details on their blog.

This post is sponsored by All content and opinions are my own. Photos by Candice Stringham.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Thrifty DIY: Painted Wood Bowls

Thrifty DIY: Painted Wood Bowls

Were you all wondering what happened to me? I promise I haven't forgotten about blogging, but instead have been very busy working on projects behind the scenes! Of course, that hasn't stopped me from finding time to hit up the Goodwill for my latest Thrifty DIY!

Thrifty DIY: Painted Wood Bowls

If you're a thrift store regular, I bet you've seen these wood bowls. I think many of them were popular Hawaiian souvenirs back in the 60s? Correct me if I'm wrong! Well, prices can vary but I was able to score these guys for a mere 99 cents a piece!

Although pretty as is, I decided they could benefit from a little more color (I mean, couldn't everything?!). I love the juxtaposition of bare wood with just a pop of bold color. Remember these pom-pom shadow boxes with a similar effect?

Thrifty DIY: Painted Wood Bowls

Adhesive stencils from Martha Stewart Crafts made it simple to add these intricate lines of patterns. These stencils work awesome on any curved surface. I even used them to decorate Easter eggs last year!

I ran three rows of different patterns down the middle of each bowl. I found that the lighter colors really popped best against the dark wood bowls.

Thrifty DIY: Painted Wood Bowls

Supplies for Painted Wood Bowls

  • Wood bowls from the thrift store
  • Martha Stewart adhesive stencils
  • Martha Stewart multi-surface craft paint
  • Foam brush

Thrifty DIY: Painted Wood Bowls

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Easter Bunny Balloons!

You didn't think I would let Easter come and go without its own balloon DIY did you?!

These little bunny balloons with their fluffy tails look just as cute from the back as the front!

They look pretty silly from the side too...

...Just ask Stella!

All you need are some helium balloons and coffee filters. Yep, coffee filters - they make the perfect lightweight floppy ears and fluffy tail!

Supplies for Easter Bunny Balloons

  • 12" white helium balloons
  • Coffee filters
  • Pink paint (you can also use a pink marker or crayon to color the ears)
  • Foam brush
  • Sharpie
  • Tape
  • Hot glue gun

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Paint Dipped Easter Eggs on

Just when you thought I was done with Easter egg decorating, I've got one more idea for you. I made these simple paint-dipped eggs for!

I can't get enough of paper mache eggs (they never go bad!). My latest way to embellish them couldn't be easier. Just grab your favorite Martha Stewart paint, a brush, and masking tape.

Head to my step-by-step tutorial on and you can craft up a dozen of these in plenty of time for Easter. You may just want to keep these modern eggs on display year-round! 

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