Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Art Easel Revamp

What do you do when you find a beat up $10 art easel at a garage sale? You take it home and give it a revamp, that's what!

This was truly a trash to treasure project, as this little Melissa and Doug easel had been very well-loved by its previous owner - to put it nicely. Seriously every bit of surface had marker scribble or dried paint on it - even underneath the easel was covered in marker! That was one very determined little kid. ;)

But a new easel would have run $60, so I felt it was worth trying to clean it up to save a little money. Plus, I'm not a big fan of the raw wood on the Melissa and Doug easels, so I probably would've wanted to paint a new one anyway. Stella (in her kitty cat jammies, ears, and tail) and I got right to work cleaning it up.
I got out my collection of Martha Stewart acrylic craft paints and some foam brushes and went to work painting each of the legs a different color. To cover up the backsides of the chalkboard and white board, I removed them and then painted them with a bigger brush and some leftover blue wall paint.

The whole project took around 3 hours, but the colorful result makes me smile!
TDC Before and After

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  1. Awesome Haeles! I love you furniture reworks! One of your best yet:) -phoebe


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