Monday, June 25, 2012

A No Fail Garden Color Combination

After my garden post last week, it struck me that there is one color combo you can't go wrong with in the garden, and that is a red-violet flower paired with yellow-green foliage.  It really is a striking combination and a way to make a 'wow' arrangement without having to put much thought into it.  I actually have this combo on our front balcony:


This color combination works so well because they are complementary colors on the color wheel:

My neighbor Patti has used this combination beautifully in her rooftop garden:

Classic plants for this that both Patti and I have used are the bright green sweet potato vine and a red-violet petunia.  Both types of plants are super easy to grow.  In place of the sweet potato vine you could also use a lime green coleus or one of my favorites, the licorice plant.  For the purple flowers you could use a calibrachoa

So if you don't have any flowers in your outdoor space yet, get out and buy a couple of these inexpensive plants for a no-fail beautiful pot!

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