Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Field Day Party - DIY Painted Potato Sacks

Have a backyard field day party with potato sack races!

I recently had the opportunity to help plan a field day themed kids party for my friend Stacy of Kids Stuff World blog. It was an afternoon full of backyard fun including potato sack races, egg and spoon competition, and bean bag tosses. We thought it would be fun to recreate the field day events we loved as kids for our own kiddos and it turned out to be a blast!

I wanted to share a quick tutorial for these DIY painted potato sacks I made for the party, and then send you over to Stacy's blog for all the details. If you're looking for a fun, low-stress party to celebrate the end of the school year, this is it!

Aren't these kiddos cute? My friend Candice Stringham took the amazing photos of the party:

Potato sack race - so fun to do in your backyard with friends!

While the plain burlap sacks for the race were fine as is, everything can benefit from a little color, don't you think? I wanted to tie them into the other colorful aspects of the party, so just added a few simple stripes with craft paint. 

DIY painted burlap potato sacks

Supplies for DIY Painted Potato Sacks

Supplies for DIY painted potato sacks

How to Make DIY Painted Potato Sacks

1. Lay the potato sack flat and mark of the areas to be painted with painter's tape, making sure to smooth down the tape with your thumb so paint doesn't seep underneath. You don't have to be too exact with positioning your tape - just eyeball it! I created one wide stripe and 1-2 thin stripes on my potato sacks, positioning them a little lower than halfway down the sack.

How to paint burlap

2. Insert a piece of cardboard into the potato sack to prevent paint seeping to the back side of the sack. Add a generous amount of paint between the taped lines with a foam brush.

How to paint burlap

3. Remove the painter's tape and the cardboard and let dry completely.

DIY painted burlap potato sack

4. Have fun!

Kids backyard field day party - the perfect idea for summer fun!

These potato sacks held up great through the party and we'll be able to use them again for impromptu potato sack races this summer!

Host a field day themed party at home!

Be sure to head over to Kids Stuff World to see all of Stacy's tips for hosting your own backyard field day party, and lots of fun details like these DIY medals!

Field day photos by Candice Stringham.

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