Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tune in to "Craft Wars" Tonight!

There really is a reality TV show for everything.  Of course, there is a show for crafters to go head to head in crazy challenges - why wouldn't there be?  At least this random topic is one I'm interested in!  If you like this blog, I am pretty sure you'll like "Craft Wars" on TLC (Tuesdays at 10pm ET / 9 CT).

In the premiere last week, three crafters battled it out in two challenges - the first was to create a fashionable bag out of sports equipment (footballs, tennis rackets, etc.).  The final challenge to win $10,000 involved building a child's playhouse largely out of school supplies - from roofs shingled out of composition notebooks to window boxes made from pencils.

Here's one of the finished playhouses (each crafter had a team helping them execute on their ideas):

The creativity of the contestants and the unexpected challenges was enough to hook me.  If your DVR is a little empty during the summer months, this could be a promising show to add to your line up, so check it out tonight!
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