Friday, March 16, 2012

You Know You Have a Gardening Problem When...

... you're the first person at the garden center to buy spring flowers as they are unloading them from the trucks.  This has happened to me the last two years in a row!  The first sign of spring weather and I can't resist a trip to the garden store.  There is a great one in walking distance from our house and since it is so beautiful outside today I decided to take the girls in the stroller and get some flowers for our balcony pots.

Well, I lucked out because had I gone yesterday there wouldn't have been any flowers there yet.  But today there were rows of beautiful looking pansies, ranunculus, columbines, and daffodils calling my name!  Another sign I have a problem... I somehow managed to spend $90 on flowers - eeeks (I know Ross, I've already blown my 'simple pleasures' budget for the season).  To my offense, many of the flowers weren't even priced yet so I didn't know what I was getting myself into.  They did however give me the 'first customer of the season' discount. ;)

Tallying up the damage at the cash register:

Has anyone else already planted some spring flowers or have some bulbs blooming in your yard?  If so, send me a picture!

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