Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Perfect Gift For Your Crafty Friends and Family

You know that friend that spends hours a day on Pinterest - pinning her favorite crafts and recipes and dreaming up how she will make all of them…one day. Well, I have the perfect, unique holiday gift for her. I'm calling it the Pinterest Lover's Gift Box!

With the few items in the box, your friend will have the starting tools to tackle most of the craft projects she's pinned, so she can stop pinning and start making in 2015!!

These represent some of Design Improvised's craft supply staples. They are the ones I turn to most often for my projects. Even if your friend has many of these already, she will be more than happy to replenish her supply!

You can put a gift box of all these items together for around $50-$60. I've given you links below so you can buy them all online from Amazon and Target without having to head to the store. However, you can also get each of these items at Hobby Lobby or Michaels, and be sure to use their coupons to get 40-50% off!

1. Gold scissors ($17) - In my mind, you're more likely to craft if you are using gold scissors. ;) I love my Nate Berkus gold scissors sold at Target for only $16.99. If you really want to pamper your friend, go for 23 kt gold plated Casco scissors shown.

2. Martha Stewart Metallic Paint ($2 each) - Pinterest is overflowing with metallic projects, so your crafty friend should always have some of these paints on hand. I always seem to be out of the metallic gold, but the silver and rose gold are also great staples. In general, I am a huge fan of the Martha Stewart craft paints - they work on any surface and come in a rainbow of colors.

3. Circle paper punch ($8-$15)- a circle punch is a versatile tool that I find myself reaching for on a regular basis. I think a 2" circle punch is the perfect size to have on hand, but I also love this 1" layering punch which can make a circle, scalloped circle, and scalloped outline all in one punch!

4. Baker's twine ($10) - from garlands to gift wrapping, a crafter should always have a spool of baker's twine within reach.

5. Foam brushes (50 cents each) - these are inexpensive and so handy. I use them for almost all my painting and Mod Podge projects. If I forget to wash them right away afterwards I can just toss them. At 50 cents a piece, it is a nice convenience.

6. Washi tape ($6-$10) - it's likely your crafty friend loves washi tape. She might even collect it. I have mine proudly displayed on my desk. With all the patterns and colors the options are endless.

7. Mod Podge ($8) - I like this Martha Stewart version, but the original Mod Podge also works great. I go through a lot of this stuff!

Do you have a friend or family member who would love this for Christmas? What other craft essentials would you add to this box?

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