Tuesday, August 14, 2012

"Semi" DIY Party Invites and Thank Yous

Remember this invite I bought on Etsy for Hazel's sunshine party? I wanted to show you how I added a few of my own touches to add a little DIY flair.  It is something you can do for any store-bought invite to make them a little more special.

Sunshine party invitation

Here is what the invite looked like with a few extra touches.

Sunshine party invitation

I had held onto a number of these vellum envelopes (called "pochettes") since I used them with my wedding invites 7 years ago.  See, I knew I would have a use for them someday!  They were the perfect size for the 5x7 invites.

sunshine party invitation

I also remembered that Stella had a sun stamp which I thought would make a cute enclosure.  I stamped it onto some round adhesive labels I had already purchased from Paper Source to use on the medallions I made for the party.

I then used my nifty scissors with the zig-zag edge to cut them out:

After enclosing them with the sun sticker, I put the vellum enclosed invites in a bright yellow envelope and used the sun stamp down the front left side:

Sunshine party invitation

After the party, I 'upcycled' some of the sun confetti leftover from the party to dress up some blue notecards I already had on hand.  Ideally, the cards would have been orange or yellow to go better with the party's colors scheme, but I was trying to be thrifty!

Sunshine party invitation

Had I received it in time, I could have used this confetti as an enclosure for the invite instead of the stamp.  There are so many little things you can do to make an invite a little more special... next time you are sending one out take a pass through your craft box first to see what you could do to jazz them up!


  1. Sweet post. I love your ideas. My faves are the vellum envelope and the sunny stamp. Too cute!

  2. Thanks Chris! I always get a kick out of scrounging around my house for random supplies rather than having to buy something new. ;)


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